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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How I am handling 2 cats getting chemotherapy

It isnt easy now taking care of 2 cats with lymphoma, I must keep both apart while undergoing different chemo drugs when they are going to be releasing the toxic chemo drugs in their urine & feces. Since both get different drugs neither can be ingesting the others body fluids through stepping in litterboxes. As well as my other cats to be kept apart from both of them & I live in a small apartment.
Danny just started 4-11-11. Spooky weighs more then Danny by a good 12 lbs & that means he gets more dosage of chemo then Danny would, which makes it very dangerous for Danny to ingest.
It means more cleaning for me, more litter boxes & I too must be careful in handling their wastes.
Danny will receive chemo weekly for 6 weeks & we hope to go to every other week to every 3 weeks for 1 full year.
Danny will be continuing his chemo too for 1 year until April 2012.
I need to keep the floors & litter boxes clean so they do not re-ingest the excreted chemo, & along with bedding from accidents of urine & feces. Since Danny is just getting his chemo I am not familiar with its side effects I must be dilegent in his hygiene as well.
so far he has had 3 urine accidents where he missed the litter box & 1 bowel accident where he did it on the floor.

UPDATE: Danny had his protocol changed, he gets an every 3 week pill but goes to vets every week for blood tests, though he may receive a chemo drug in between visits & to check on blood work.

Now since Danny received chemo, perhaps next monday Danny gets chemo again so it is a lot of cleaning.
In one way Danny & Spooky are not very chummy so I never worry about one grooming the other & ingesting chemo that way.

Updated 7-23-11
it has been a long & difficult 3 months for Danny & I & my other cats. I don't like isolating Danny for too long away from everyone, mainly about 5 days after getting chemo.
Danny does have his ways & decided he would live in the bathroom, now he has taken up residence in the kitchen. he knows that is the 2 easiest rooms in the apartment to be away from the others.

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